What do you get?

A share of the sheep is one-quarter of a whole animal, butchered down into individually wrapped cuts. Customers can order one or more shares (or you can arrange to split a share with a friend).

Each quarter-share costs £42 and will include a range of cuts from the back legs to the neck, plus mince. If you are new to Sheepshare and concerned how much meat you get for £42 here is a photo of the cuts.

A ¼ sheep fits easily into 1 freezer tray and cuts are commonly as follows:

  • Half a leg
  • Half a shoulder
  • Mince
  • Chops
  • Cutlets
  • Liver and kidneys  (if wanted)

We have portions of liver and kidney available with no extra charge. But these are not big enough for all as we are dividing the lamb into quarters. Not everyone wants them anyway. But it is advisable to come earlier if you want them as they are there on a first come first served basis.

The cuts fit into a plastic carrier which is provided, however we recommend bringing your own plastic to wrap it with as the joints can leak. The bags are heavy so you will probably need to go straight home to put it in your fridge or freezer.  We recommend doing any other shopping beforehand so you don’t have to carry it around for long.

More about the lamb

The age of lamb can vary. We buy Hogget (13 – 18 months) as it is best value for money in terms of both weight and price per kilo. It needs cooking usually twice as long on low temperature (e.g. oven setting of 100), and is then tender and delicious – indeed many of the best restaurants prefer to buy hogget.  All meat needs to be left to rest outside the oven in foil for around half an hour after cooking. If there is any variation from this we will say so here.