About Us


In May 2015 Brighton and Hove Community Supported Agriculture became a community interest company, with the following aims, activities and intended benefits to the community:

Brighton and Hove Community Supported Agriculture CIC

 Our Aims:

  • Support local sustainable, ethical and local food production
  • Enable the local community to access locally produced food
  • Facilitate community engagement and sharing
  • Educate and inform about sustainable healthy food

Activities and Benefits

  1. Support and encourage sustainable, ethical food growing and production in and around the city, bringing together producers and consumers.

The community will benefit both by having more fresh healthy locally produced and by supporting those who produce food in a sustainable, ethical way.

  1. Enable the local community to learn about, have access to and share in healthy, locally produced food by providing information and acting as a distribution channel.

The community will benefit by being more informed about healthy, sustainable food, by knowing where their food is coming from and how it is produced, by being more able to produce it themselves and by having easier access to it. At the same time they will have the opportunity to engage with others in the process.


We are talking to local farmers also who breed pigs organically to set up PigShare.

We link with others in the CSA network set up by the Soil Association, and are members of the Brighton Sustainable Business Network.

Our Management Team and Meetings

We have four directors: John Bristow, Sue Paskin, Janice Johnson and Reg Neale. Sue is our Treasurer.

If you would like to attend a meeting, suggest an agenda item or explore joining the team please let us know by email sheepsharebh@gmail.com

Our Origins

The initiating group came together through a meeting hosted by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership around 2010 to explore setting up a community supported agriculture initiative.

We then acquired funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food programme to conduct a study of the food system in and around Brighton to see how community enterprises could promote local, affordable, healthy  food that is produced and distributed in a sustainable way and that is accessible to everyone in our city. This was completed in early 2012.

This blogsite is to share information on the projects that stemmed from this study – first being Sheepshare, and to enable people to order food and participate in our decisions and activities

The study of the Brighton Food system by Food Matters and Rebecca Laughton was started in July 2011 and reported on in July 2012. This report is useful for all local food projects to see what was then available and where the gaps in provision were. You can read the report here.