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Welcome to PigShare and our new venture supplying delicious pork to Brighton & Hove

We are happy to have found Hathor Farm near Horam in the East Sussex Weald where Emile Webber is rearing the traditional breed Large Black pigs. Hathor Farm is very special, fully organic and free range in a wooded setting. Check out the website here:


Happy piglets

Emile tells us: ‘Our pigs are healthy and happy and having a fine time ploughing and fertilising the land, they make an important contribution to the community of animals and humans at Sacred Earth, as well as being a valuable source of sustainable, local, free range meat.’

As with SheepShare, we will be supplying pork from the farm on selected dates throughout the year with ordering and delivery for collection in the same way. See the next PigShare pages (coming shortly) for details – and happy eating!

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To place your order online you can pay directly into our account by clicking on the Buy Now button, and choosing to pay by debit or credit card or by your PayPal account.

A  ‘Pork Selection’ bag of approx 6kgs will cost £65.