BeefShare :We are currently looking for a new partner for our Beefshare who meets our standards of animal care and husbandry.  If you know or are aware of a farmer who might be interested please let us know.

The dates for next Beefshare will be:

Deadline for orders:  tbc

Pick-up: tbc

Collection: Between 10am and 11am – you will lose your beef if it is not collected. If you place an order, we assume you or a friend can collect it then and there.

Uncollected Beef: We cannot store uncollected shares and they need to be in a freezer within an hour or so of collection. So if it is not collected it will be given away and there will be no refund.

The size of a share would be around 5kg at a price of £75 (£15 per kg)

A share would be made up from variations of the following:

  • A Topside, Silverside, or Top rump as a roasting joint
  • A brisket as a roasting joint
  • A couple of steaks, rump and/or sirloin – weight depending on the weights of the roasting joints
  • Braising meat, diced
  • Mince – varying in weight to make up the 5kg

Ribs and fillet are not included this time as this is one, small cow.


Collection is from Sue’s home at  Yew Tree House 5B Preston Park Avenue, BN1 6HJClick on this for Google Map.

To place your order online you can pay directly into our account by clicking on the Buy Now button, and choosing to pay by debit or credit card or by your PayPal account. One pack £75. Order twice if you want two packs.

If you you do order twice please confirm this by email on:

We will let you know if you can have two when all the orders are in.