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Brighton Community Agriculture

This sheep-share scheme aims to get sheep that are currently grazing in and around Brighton and Hove back into the city as lamb, and share the meat between interested residents.

The sheep that graze the downs are Herdwicks.  They are the best sheep for grazing downland landscapes and they help conserve the land.  They are grazed on the downs, are fattened up over the summer on grass and in the winter on root vegetables grown by the farm.

The sheep that are purchased through the Sheep Share are about two years old (Hogget). The flavour of the meat is high quality, and many of the top restaurants buy off the local farmer as well.

What do you get?                                                               

A share of the sheep is one-quarter of a whole animal, butchered down into individually wrapped cuts. Customers can order one or more shares (or you can arrange to split a share with a friend).

Each quarter-share will include a range of cuts from the back legs to the neck, plus mince.

Customers can expect a selection of the following cuts: leg (shank, mid or top), chump joint, best end of saddle (in chops if preferred), loin (in chops if preferred), breast, shoulder (blade or knuckle), neck and mince.  You can opt to have offal if you would like.

A ¼ sheep fits easily into 1 freezer tray.

How does it work?

You email your order to before the deadline.  The group puts the order in with the farmer and he will take the sheep to slaughter and get them butchered locally and then drop them off to a central distribution point.  You will know where and when you can pick your meat up from.

Sheepshare is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme run by a group called Brighton and Hove Community Supported Agriculture.   This CSA is run by a group of volunteers, therefore when you join the scheme you could think about getting further involved which helps share the responsibility of the project.  For instance you could help with publicity, taking orders or attending decision-making meetings.